Book review: Dolinin A. About Pushkin, about Pasternak : works of different years


Candidate of Philology, Senior Researcher of the Department of Literary Studies, Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences


A. Dolinin’s new book is divided into two sections: one includes articles on Pushkin and the other on Pasternak. Both sections, as the author writes in the preface, are united by a common task: the search for literary sources, allusions, and contexts that serve to understand the works of both Pushkin and Pasternak. Whereas in the first section the author studies Pushkin’s works of different years, including “Avalanche” (“Obval”), “Angelo”, “History of the Pugachev Rebellion”, “Captain’s Daughter”, in Pasternak’s section he entirely focuses on the two books of lyrics that appeared almost simultaneously: “Mу Sister – Life” and “Themes and Variations”. The reviewer offers a way to understand the book as a whole held together by internal relationships.


Alexander Pushkin; Boris Pasternak; Crimean elegy; Scottish stanza; mystification; Avalanche (Obval); Angelo; History of the Pugachev Rebellion; Captain’s Daughter; Mу Sister – Life; Themes and Variations.

DOI: 10.31249/lit/2023.01.04

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