Interpretation of literary images in rock poetry and music: E.T.A. Hoffmann and the Coppelius group

Dementieva A.V.


The article analyses the influence of E.T.A. Hoff-mann’s works on the lyrics of the German Coppelius band. It demon-strates that Hoffmann’s stylistics and poetics formed the stage image of this musical group. Specific details of Hoffmann’s texts are revealed in their songs. The influence of romantic ideas on the band’s works is ob-served. Special attention is paid to the synthesis of some contemporary and historical aspects of interpretation of images and topics, borrowed by the musicians from Hoffmann’s work. Some specifics of the band’s lyrics compared to other cases of rock poetry inspired by literary works get revealed.


romanticism; psychologism; literary allusions; dual world; romantic irony; rock poetry; system of characters.

DOI: 10.31249/lit/2022.01.05

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