“Winter” in German poetry: the scope of motifs in the historical perspective

Sokolova E.V.


The article examines main images and motifs related to the winter season in German and Austrian lyric poetry at different times. The research material is a wide sample of German-language po-ems on the subject (from the Minnesang era to the 2010s). The article reveals some subgenres preferred by the poets writing about winter: “cry”, “song”, “journey”; demonstrates a persistent importance of the motives of evil, night, death, love, silence in German “winter lyrics” regardless of the age (although the forms expressing them vary signifi-cantly over time); shows that the images of tree and path should be ranked among universal “winter images” (along with those of frost, snow, wind etc.).


German-language poetry; images and motifs of Ger-man lyrics; «Winter» in German lyrics.

DOI: 10.31249/lit/2022.01.04

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