Specifics of functioning of the artistic detail in the memoirs of Irina Odoevtseva On the banks of the Neva

Zhulkova K.A.


The article reveals some peculiarities of functioning of artistic detail in such a particular genre as memoirs on the example of I. Odoevtseva’s book On the Banks of the Neva. It shows how the mem-oirist models the fictional reality, creates a deep subtext, and forms a reader’s perception through specific details. It demonstrates that details are not only important elements of literary portraits in Odoevtseva’s memoirs (for example, that of O. Mandelstam or the author’s self-portrait), but also the keys to the charaсters.


I.A. Odoevtseva; memoirs; literary portrait; artistic detail; image; O.E. Mandelshtam.

DOI: 10.31249/lit/2022.01.03

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