Changeable permanence: Vladimir Sorokin’s metadiscursive poetics. Book review: Uffelmann D. Vladimir Sorokin’s discourses.



Dirk Uffelmann, professor of East and West Slavic literatures and President-elect of the German Slavists’s Association, examines Vladimir Sorokin’s key texts in order to show the unity of the writer’s art style throughout different periods of his work. This unity according to Dirk Uffelmann is based on the technique of metadiscoursive distance which constitutes all Sorokin’s writings and which is typical for Moscow conceptualism. Only the reference objects that are various discursive practices, change over time.


V.G. Sorokin; Moscow conceptualism; metadiscourse; subversive affirmation.

DOI: 10.31249/lit/2022.04.01

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