Aestheticism or egocentricity? (On the «Oscar Wild» mask by Igor-Severyanin).



The article critically examines some recent scholarly papers on «Igor-Severyanin and Oscar Wilde». As a young poet, IgorSeveryanin felt like a Doppelganger of the English scandalous esthete, followed the dandyism principles and practiced self-promotion in his own life, which was also reflected in his early poetry. The article сriticizes Ya. Galkina’s philological analysis of Igor-Severyanin’s sonnet «Oscar Wilde. Asso-sonnet» (1911) and examines the same poetic text (its composition, figurative system, conceptuality and subjects) on several language levels (lexico-semantic, phonetic, grammatical and other) at once. At the stylistic level the special attention is paid to some visual and expressive means of creating the O. Wilde’s image by IgorSeveryanin: those aspects, being of a certain interest to the scholars interested in the above topic, remain misrepresented or ignored in most recent studies.


Igor-Severyanin; Oscar Wilde; philological analysis; sonnet; language text levels; an individual-authorial style; expressive means of language.

DOI: 10.31249/lit/2021.03.06

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