Book review: Grimm J. Germanic mythology : in 3 vol. (In Russian translation).



The Russian translation of «Germanic Mythology», a fundamental work of Jacob Grimm (1785–1863), is reviewed. The outstanding German philologist and ethnographer had not only gathered pagan beliefs of Germanic tribes and presented them with encyclopedic completeness in his influential work, but also demonstrated how deeply they are concerned with the German language. The book had been published three times in the author's lifetime (1835, 1844, 1854), the most complete edition had come soon after his death (1875–1878). In 2018 it was translated into Russian for the first time (by D.S. Kolchigin) and published in a three-volume academic edition, supplied by the extensive commentary and reference apparatus.


mythology; Germanic mythology; scandinavian mythology; history of German philology; folklore studies; the brothers Grimm; Jacob Grimm.

DOI: 10.31249/lit/2021.01.03

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