Book review: Turgenev: at the crossroads of epochs and cultures

Man’kovskii A.V.


An interdisciplinary study based on the proceedings of the International Scientific Conference «Turgenev in Intercultural Communication» (RSUH, November 21–22, 2018) is a collective monograph or rather a collection of articles united by three main themes: «Turgenev: Russia and the West», «Problems of reception and interpretation of the writer’s personality and work», and «Turgenev and different arts». This review focuses on some significant and original of the papers highlighting many implicit interrelations between them.


I.S. Turgenev; Russia and the West; É. Zola; E.-M. de Vogüé; Th. Mann; F.M. Dostoevsky; L.I. Shestov; the history of copyright; cultural transfer.

DOI: 10.31249/lit/2022.02.08

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