Prophets, bards, minstrels, and national identities in Early and Medieval Welsh poetry

Kolosova E.I.


The article examines the representation of the legendary Welsh bards in the two-volume collection of W.F. Skin The Four Ancient Books of Wales (Taliesin, Myrddin, Aneirin and Llywarc Hen). The main traditions of Welsh literature, such as the prophetic tradition and the tradition of military poetry, are associated with their works. The heritage of the «early» Welsh poets breathed a new life into the works of eighteenth and nineteenth century writers and antiquaries who fought to preserve Welsh culture and defended their national identity.


Welsh poetry; bard; minstrel; prophetic tradition; Myrddin; Merlin; Taliesin; Llywarc Hen; Aneirin; W.F. Skene; The Four Ancient Books of Wales.

DOI: 10.31249/lit/2022.02.05

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