Joseph Ritson: antiquarian, polemicist and revolutionary. Book review: Basdeo S. Discovering Robin Hood: the life of Joseph Ritson – gentleman, scholar and revolutionary. – [Barnsley] : Pen & Sword History, 2021. – 264 p.



English literary critic and historian Stephen Basdeo has prepared a new biography of Joseph Ritson. The biographer creates a whole image of the English writer basing on Ritson’s epistolary heritage, his critical notes and remarks as well as his colleagues’ memoirs. Basdeo doesn’t focus entirely on Rison’s personality, he shows social and political situation of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries Great Britain, placing the figure of the writer in the context of his time and culture.


Joseph Ritson; Thomas Percy; William Morris; Robin Hood; ballad; minstrel; ancient poetry; The French Revolution; historical past.

DOI: 10.31249/lit/2022.03.10

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