Touch the «Truth»: poetry in face of science and knowledge. (Review of the special issue of the journal «History. Literature. Theory»).



The special issue considers the problem of «poetry and the truth» in historical evolution from Middle Ages (F. Villon) to the present time (Ph. Jaccottet, I. Bonnefoy) and demonstrates a wide variety of relations between poetry and reality, poetry and the truth, imagination and science. The articles in consideration focus on some new aspects of poetics of S. Coleridge and M. Leiris, clarify some paradoxes of poetic journeys in the eighteenth century, explore the specifics of poetic discources of S. Mallarmé and certain features of «deontology» in the poetry of R. Kaillois. The specificity of communication forms due to the process of reading poetry is emphasized.


poetry; true; truth; science; knowledge; reality; imagination.

DOI: 10.31249/lit/2021.03.02

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