Book review: Pre-symbolism – faces and reflections.



A collection entirely devoted to such a diverse and multifaceted phenomenon as pre-symbolism is published for the first time. The book includes articles and publications exploring both the theoretical aspects of the movement and the works of individual writers belonging to it: A.A. Fet, A.K. Tolstoy, Vl.S. Solovyov, A.L. Volynsky, I.F. Annensky, etc. The book offers two approaches to the subject: the «narrow» (pre-symbolism as a literary movement of the «years fallen out of time») and the «wide» one (as a phenomenon connecting romanticism and symbolism). The reviewed book is not just a collection of articles, but the integral work with its internal composition, interconnections and unexpected implications.


pre-symbolism; symbolism; romanticism; Russian poetry of the 1870s – 1890s; A.A. Fet; A.K. Tolstoy; K.K. Sluchevsky; Vl. S. Soloviev; A.L. Volynsky; I.F. Annensky.

DOI: 10.31249/lit/2021.02.11

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