The Song of Triumphant Love (1881) by I.S. Turgenev: new interpretations.



The review presents the most significant recent studies on the Song of Triumphant Love (1881) by I.S. Turgenev. The attention focuses on the works examining the motif of a dream from different angles. Some of the reviewed works consider the Song not as an individual work but as a part of the “mysterious stories” cycle or even in the context of Turgenev’s “minor prose” as a whole. The works in the vein of oneirological studies are close to the analysis of topoi in the “mysterious stories” and to the studies in synesthetic poetics and mythopoetics, for which the Song is an important focus of interest. Special consideration is given to the article of N.A. Ermakova [4], discussing the ending of the story.


I.S. Turgenev; Song of Triumphant Love; «mysterious stories»; «dream» motif; oneiropoetics; mythopoetics; synesthetic poetics; topoi (topics).

DOI: 10.31249/lit/2022.01.08

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